[Pw_forum] running PWSCF on IB-based cluster

高星 xinggao at impcas.ac.cn
Fri Aug 29 11:53:35 CEST 2014

Dear QE community,

We have an infini-band based cluster with 8 computing nodes and each nodes contains 16 cores. I compiled QE package on this cluster successfully with compiler mpif90 (openmpi intel compiler) and there was no problem to run  pw.x on one node with 16 processors. However, when I tried to use two nodes (that is, -np 32), I met "processor affinity failure". It says, "an attempt to set processor affinity has failed - please check to ensure that your system supports such functionality. If so, then this is probably something that should be reported to the OMPI developers". Actually, there is no such problem when I run other program. I am wondering if someone else met the similar question before? And please give me any hint which may help me on this problem! Thanks in advance!



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