[Pw_forum] newbie update

JR Schmidt schmidt at chem.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 4 22:32:48 CET 2009

> Out of curiosity, what behaviour do you see from MKL that it doesn't 
> obey OMP_NUM_THREADS? I ask, because that's what I'm using, and would 
> like to make sure it's behaving right.
I investigated using ps, which with appropriate options ('ps axms' on 
Linux, I believe) will dump out info on threads for each process.  I was 
seeing lots of threads created for each QE process, regardless 
OMP_NUM_THREADS (I set it in my profile, so it should have stuck around 
when executed by mpirun).   I noticed that MKL 10.0 also has 
MKL_NUM_THREADS as well, which didn't seem to work either.  At least 
this should let you investigate.

In either case, linking the serial version solved all my issues.

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