[Pw_forum] newbie update

Henning Glawe glaweh at physik.fu-berlin.de
Thu Mar 5 09:10:08 CET 2009

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 07:03:27PM -0500, Axel Kohlmeyer wrote:
> also one has to consider that debian based systems (incl ubuntu), 
> don't use /bin/bash as /bin/sh, but have a version of /bin/ash as 
> /bin/sh and that one only reads .profile (which many bash setups 
> in turn don't) but, of course, not .bashrc.

actually, it is only ubuntu doing this by default. even debian lenny has bash
as /bin/sh (although, of course, one should never rely on sh==bash,
especially on machines running on commercial unix variants). therefore when
relying on bash features (such as reading .bashrc), one should explicitely
write #!/bin/bash and not #!/bin/sh into the job scripts.
in case the queuing system does not call jobscript not directly, but instead
forces /bin/sh as an interpreter, set the appropriate job options to use
/bin/bash instead (in torque, this is job option '-S').

c u

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