[Pw_forum] Can anyone help me with GaN p type doping

Daya sagar sagars_daya at yahoo.co.in
Tue Mar 13 20:06:47 CET 2007


  I am working on GaN nanowires. Can anyone please let me know which material should be used as p type dopant for GaN. I tried using Mg and Si as p type dopants but they seem to create bonding between 2 Ga atoms and create bands in the energygap. 
I would be really thankful if anyone can help me solve this problem.


saman ghaderyan <ghaderyan at gmail.com> wrote: hi
i run relaxation for AlAs with nat=4
Al   0.00 0.00  0.00
As  0.25 0.25  0.25
Al   0.50  0.50  0.00
As -0.25 0.25 0.25
but i don't know why these atomic position have error
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