[Pw_forum] El-ph coupling Lambda

Amit Kumar amit76.india at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 07:22:04 CET 2006

   Dear Users,

   I think there is a mismatch in README and RUN_EXAMPLE files of Example 7.
   I see the following line in the README file.

   Calculate  lambda coefficient (in file "lambda") and the a^2F(omega)
   using "matdyn.x" (dos=.true.)

   But no lambda file in run_example of that example.

   Could anyone send me  the input file for calculating Lambda coefficient
   or any  useful reference to know more about El-ph coupling???

   I'm very much interested to know more about the  post processing methods
   after getting the output of ph.x.
   I'll be highly obliged if someone help me to learn the  El-ph coupling
   calculation using pwscf.

   Dear Prof. Paolo, would you like to give me some hints how to implement
   El-ph coupling  and spin together???

   Looking forward to your suggestions.

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