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Stefano Baroni baroni at sissa.it
Tue Dec 12 08:12:22 CET 2006

Dear Amit:
On Dec 12, 2006, at 7:22 AM, Amit Kumar wrote:

>    Dear Prof. Paolo, would you like to give me some hints how to  
> implement
>    El-ph coupling  and spin together???

It is very difficult for to give you "some hints" without knowing  
what are your needs and, above all, what is your background. "Hints"  
may go anywhere in between reading a chapter of a textbook in solid- 
state physics (or even elementary quantum mechanics), to very  
sophisticated and esoteric physics or implementation issues. Please:  
state your problem ("where I want to go") and your background ("where  
will I start from"), and we we'll make our best to help you. Be  
advised, though, that if your problem is not focused enough (e.g. "I  
want to write a PhD thesis on el-ph interactions" would definitely  
not qualify as a well defined problem) or if your background is too  
remote from your present aim, people in a technical form such as this  
one can hardly be of any practical help.

>    Looking forward to your suggestions.

looking forward to *your* further hints

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