[Pw_forum] (no subject)

sprokuda at dnk.ru sprokuda at dnk.ru
Fri Jun 27 18:20:07 CEST 2003

Dear Dr.Patchkovskii!

Thanks a lot for your advise. To be honest I/m far from to be an
advanced user of Linux that is why I'm asking. The question is how to
install pdf90 to work with it under CYGWIN ? which version should be used for it ( Win of Linux ?).
The other problem is how to modify ./configure file to compile PWscf ?
(it just reports "The architecture name is not specified" )

Portland group pgf90 works fine with cygwin. I would expect it compile
pwscf with no trouble at all (I did use it to compile several other
Unix packages, with only minor tweaking).

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