[Wannier] Wannier90 for OpenVMS

Jouk Jansen joukj at hrem.nano.tudelft.nl
Thu Apr 26 10:54:42 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I created a port of WANNIER90 for OpenVMS. Doing this I stumpbled on a
coding error (see below). Info on the port can be found at:

The patch file contains files of the following kinds:
  descrip.mms  : These are the OpenVMS variants of the makefiles
  src/*.F90    : Changed some compiler directions (aliasses) to get the
                 right LAPACK routines linked in.
  src/plot.F90 : In fortan when concatenating a string always the whole length
                 specified is used regardless the contents (not like C where
		 the character-0 terminates the string) Therfore some
		 concatenations were meaningless because the righthandside
		 of the equal sign conactenated something at a location
		 larger than the string at the lefthand-side.
		 I changed the code slightly to overcome the problem (marked
                 with #ifdef VMS ... #endif)
  src/iargc.F90 : Added OpenVMS-code for these non-standard functions
  tests/*vms.pl : OpenVMS variant of the perl-script. Corrects for the fact
                  that filesyntax for OpenVMS is different.
Please feel free to include these changes into the next version of WANNIER90


I noticed in src/Plot.F90 strings containing "\0" . Is it realy menat to
contain "\0" or is this C-like code meant to include the 0 character? If it
is the latter, note that this is not garanteed to work for Fortran (i.e. it does
not on OpenVMS). the standard way to do this is the use of char(0). The same
hold for all other "special" characters.


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