[Pw_forum] fftw3.f file not found

Rajesh creativeidleminds at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 17:05:46 CEST 2017

Dear QE users
My cluster pc has intel mpi and compilers. In order to avoid  error # 1 no
scalar fft driver specified, I am trying to install qe with openmpi, fftw3
and -with-scalapack=intel. In make.inc I specified the FFTDIR= fftw3
installation folder and MPIDIR=openmpi installation folder with -D_FFTW3
flag (external fftw3). But When I make all, it shows error fftw3.f not
found, although it is there in fftw installtion folder in include
directory. Please help me installing it properly.
Am I defining directories properly?
I set like this
FFT_LIBS       = -L /home/external/iitr/user/.fftw/
MPI_LIBS       = -L  /home/external/iitr/avinashp/.openmpi/

Thank you.
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