[Pw_forum] Calculation of Gibbs free energy for NO2 gas

Rolly Ng rollyng at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 20:17:00 CEST 2016

Dear QE experts,

I am trying to calculate the Gibbs free energy of a NO2 gas molecule via 
the following steps,

1) pw.x to "relax" a NO2 gas molecule in a cube box

2) pw.x to calculate the "scf" energy with the relaxed NO2 gas geometry, 
using only 1 K-point at 0 0 0. (NO2_scf.in)

3) ph.x to calculate the phonon dispersion using the same K-point. 

4) q2r.x to calculate the interatomic force constants. (NO2_q2r.in)

5) matdyn.x to produce the phonon dos for F_QHA.x (NO2_matdyn.in)

6) F_QHA.x to calculate the Gibbs free energy

However, 2 problems are spotted in the phonon dos produced in step 5, i) 
there are negative frequencies in the first column and ii) the dos 
column is all zero? (NO2_matdyn.dos as attached)

Could any one please take a look at my input files and point the correct 

Thank you,

PhD. Research Fellow,
Dept. of Physics & Materials Science,
City University of Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3442 4000
Fax: +852 3442 0538

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	     asr = 'no' ,
   	amass(1) = 14.006700d0 ,
   	amass(2) = 15.999400d0 ,
	   flfrc = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2.fc' ,
	     dos = .true. ,
	     nk1 = 1 ,
	     nk2 = 1 ,
	     nk3 = 1 ,
	   flfrq = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2_matdyn.freq' ,
	   fldos = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2_matdyn.dos' ,
	   flvec = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2_matdyn.modes' ,
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   	  outdir = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2' ,
   	  prefix = 'NO2_scf' ,
   	amass(1) = 14.006700d0 ,
   	amass(2) = 15.999400d0 ,
	  tr2_ph = 1.0d-14 ,
   	  fildyn = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2.dynG' ,
   	   trans = .true. ,
	   ldisp = .true. ,
	     nq1 = 1 ,
	     nq2 = 1 ,
	     nq3 = 1 ,
 0.0 0.0 0.0
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   	  fildyn = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2.dynG' ,
	    zasr = ' no' ,
	  flfrc = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2/NO2.fc' ,
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                 calculation = 'scf' ,
                      outdir = '/home/MS70/rolly/NO2' ,
                  pseudo_dir = '/home/MS70/SSSP_acc_PBE' ,
                      prefix = 'NO2_scf' ,
                   verbosity = 'low' ,
               etot_conv_thr = 1.0D-5 ,
               forc_conv_thr = 1.0D-4 ,
                       nstep = 100 ,
                     tstress = .false. ,
                     tprnfor = .false. ,

  	               ibrav = 0,
  		   celldm(1) = 28.3458918684d0,
  			 nat = 3,
  			ntyp = 2,
  		     ecutwfc = 70.0d0,
  		     ecutrho = 560.0d0,
  	 	   input_dft = 'PBE',
  		 occupations = 'smearing',
  		    smearing = 'gaussian',
  		     degauss = 0.002000d0,

	    electron_maxstep = 1000 ,
  	     diagonalization = 'david',
  		    conv_thr = 1d-10,
  		 mixing_mode = 'local-TF',
  		 mixing_beta = 0.300d0,

  N 14.006700d0 N.pbe.theos.UPF
  O 15.999400d0 O.pbe-n-kjpaw_psl.0.1.UPF

N        0.493255363   0.615654793   0.599063180
O        0.493236532   0.538172908   0.620266351
O        0.493234243   0.653836323   0.528392718

  0.0 0.0 0.0	1.0

  1.000000000000d0  0.000000000000d0  0.000000000000d0
  0.000000000000d0  1.217717561896d0  0.000000000000d0
  0.000000000000d0  0.000000000000d0  1.164297826858d0

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 -1.1123E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.1023E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0923E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0823E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0723E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0623E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0523E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0423E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0323E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0223E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0123E+02  0.0000E+00
 -1.0023E+02  0.0000E+00
 -9.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -8.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -7.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -6.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -5.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -4.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -3.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -2.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.9232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.8232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.7232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.6232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.5232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.4232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.3232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.2232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.1232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -1.0232E+01  0.0000E+00
 -9.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -8.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -7.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -6.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -5.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -4.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -3.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -2.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -1.2323E+00  0.0000E+00
 -2.3225E-01  0.0000E+00
  7.6775E-01  0.0000E+00
  1.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  2.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  3.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  4.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  5.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  6.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  7.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  8.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  9.7677E+00  0.0000E+00
  1.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  2.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  3.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  4.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  5.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  6.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  7.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  8.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.0768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.1768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.2768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.3768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.4768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.5768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.6768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.7768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.8768E+01  0.0000E+00
  9.9768E+01  0.0000E+00
  1.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  2.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  3.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  4.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  5.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  6.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  7.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  8.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.0977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.1977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.2977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.3977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.4977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.5977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.6977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.7977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.8977E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9077E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9177E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9277E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9377E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9477E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9577E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9677E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9777E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9877E+02  0.0000E+00
  9.9977E+02  0.0000E+00
  1.0008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.0998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.1998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.2998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.3998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.4998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5588E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5598E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5608E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5618E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5628E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5638E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5648E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5658E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5668E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5678E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5688E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5698E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5708E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5718E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5728E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5738E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5748E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5758E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5768E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5778E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5788E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5798E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5808E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5818E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5828E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5838E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5848E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5858E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5868E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5878E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5888E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5898E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5908E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5918E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5928E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5938E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5948E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5958E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5968E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5978E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5988E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.5998E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6008E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6018E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6028E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6038E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6048E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6058E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6068E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6078E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6088E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6098E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6108E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6118E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6128E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6138E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6148E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6158E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6168E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6178E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6188E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6198E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6208E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6218E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6228E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6238E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6248E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6258E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6268E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6278E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6288E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6298E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6308E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6318E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6328E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6338E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6348E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6358E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6368E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6378E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6388E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6398E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6408E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6418E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6428E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6438E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6448E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6458E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6468E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6478E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6488E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6498E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6508E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6518E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6528E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6538E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6548E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6558E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6568E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6578E+03  0.0000E+00
  1.6588E+03  0.0000E+00

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