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Hi Natalie

you may safely revert to the old syntax. Apparently there are still some
compilers that do not handle properly the advance="no" option in PRINT


On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 12:55 AM, Holzwarth, Natalie <natalie at wfu.edu>

> In testing the new 5.2.1 version of the program, I noticed that one change
> from 5.1 was in the partial density of states output from partialdos.f90
> for the title line.
> For example, in version 5.1, the title line for the pdos output used
> WRITE(4,'(" pdos(E)   ",$)')
> while in version 5.2.1 the same pdos output is changed to
> WRITE(4,'(" pdos(E)   "), advance="NO"')
> For our intel compiler, the 5.1 version keeps the title line on a single
> line, while the 5.2.1 version puts each piece of the title line on a
> different line.   I guess it is not processing the  advance="NO"
> statement.    Since this title line is making the postprocessing difficult,
> I am tempted to put those write statements back to the 5.1 version, or
> perhaps there is a better solution.    Thanks in advance for your advice on
> this.       Natalie
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