[Pw_forum] too many states in PDOS

Juanjo Meléndez melendez at unex.es
Thu Feb 26 11:55:28 CET 2015

Increase your value for degauss in projwfc.x. The smaller the more details you get. You will have to make some tests and decide the optimal value.

Good luck

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From: Winfred Mulwa 
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2015 11:11 AM
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Subject: [Pw_forum] too many states in PDOS

Dear all,

I am doing a pdos calculation of a supercell of 72 atoms and 

my nbnd=220 during the nscf calculation. when i draw the graphs
using xmgrace, the states looks packed together. Please assist
  where did i go wrong? attached are the graphs for PDOS and 

spin polarization.


Mulwa Winfred.
D Phil Student, Computational Material Science Group,
University of the Free State - QwaQwa,

South Africa.

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