[Pw_forum] Problem of XCrySDen launching

Jeffrey De Lile jeff2007_delile at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 8 18:48:56 CEST 2013

Dear Luis,

Thanks for your reply. If I can solve this launching problem I don't need to go for another one. As far as I read installation of binary package is dofficult than this. Somehow I managed to install and use it for once but after reboot everything went up-side down. If you know any solution to this or have you seen solution to this please forward to me. 

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 10:59 PM, Jeffrey De Lile <jeff2007_delile at yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear XCrySDen users and developers,

I am still struggling to install and launch xcrysden software. First I installed latest version of xcrysden : XCrySDen-pre1.5bbin-static
 However, when I am launching it GUI doesn't appear. Then  I reinstalled from source code xcrysden-1.5.53 and for the first time after ./xcrysden command GUI opens but I can't access to example files such as xsf etc. Then I rebooted the computer and then when I was relaunching the software it gives the following error. Anyway, I have already sent the XCrySDen-pre1.5bbin-static to trash. 

./xcrysden: 163: .: Can't open /home/vampire/tools/XCrySDen-pre1.5bbin-static/scripts/xcLib.sh

Please someone help me how to solve this issue. 
Thanks in advance
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