[Pw_forum] How we can give Temperature to equilibrium system (T=o)

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You can obtain thermodynamics properties at finite temperature by calculating phonon (ph.x) and treating phonon through QHA method. If temperature was high, you may need an-harmonic calculation by d3.x

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Dear QE users...

i want to know how we can introduce the temperature in our equilibrium system(i.e after running scf with proper setting of lattice parameter, ecut and k point, we get ground state total energy(T=0) in scf run).

As i read somewhere that SCF will gives the minimum total energy at T=0, because in DFT there is no term of temperature.
May be i am wrong but can we introduce temperature  by changing the any parameter in input file of pw.x.  Actualy i want to generate the  phonon by the thermal excitation  in my input file by increasing the temperature of my system or any other means by which i can generate  phonon for thermo-dynamical  property calculation of the system.

Any type of help will be appreciable .

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