[Pw_forum] The iotk error occurrd in ph.x

GAO Zhe flux_ray12 at 163.com
Wed Feb 8 08:18:40 CET 2012

Dear QE developer and users
I am using an old cluster for calculation, where mpich2 1.2.1 was compiled by gortran 4.1.2 in Fedora 7 x86_64.
The pw.x calculations were fine, but when I was executing ph.x, the iotk error occurred (no matter multi-nodes or single-core, this error occurred as soon as the input file read by ph.x) :
# ERROR IN: iotk_scan_end (iotk_scan.f90:241)
# CVS Revision: 1.23
# foundl
# ERROR IN: iotk_close_read (iotk_files.f90:746)
# CVS Revision: 1.20
As I known, such a problem is due to the bug of compiler, i.e., gfortran 4.1.2. However, since I just have the normal user authority in this cluster, I cannot upgrade gfortran or install other fortran compiler. Even mpich2 was installed in /usr, so I cannot re-compile it.
In such a case, do I have to give up the phonon calculaitons in this cluster ?

CMC Lab, Materials Science & Engineering Department,
Seoul National University, South Korea
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