[Pw_forum] Strange message when running the svn version of pwgui for the first time.

Tone Kokalj tone.kokalj at ijs.si
Wed Jun 8 08:15:12 CEST 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 14:00 -0400, Hongsheng Zhao wrote:
> and now, typing the command ./pwgui to run it and meet the following 
> messages:
> --------
> werner at debian:~/espresso/espresso/GUI/PWgui$ ./pwgui
>   ==================================================
>    This is PWgui version: 4.3
>   --------------------------------------------------
>   PWgui: using the system default "tclsh" interpreter
>   PWGUI       : /home/werner/espresso/espresso/GUI/PWgui
>     It seems you are using CVS version of PWgui/Quantum-Espresso.
>     For the CVS version you need to do the following:
>        * cd into GUI/PWgui directory, and
>        * execute: make cvsinit
> --------
> This is a svn version, why it give me the above informations on 'CVS 
> version'?

Because the printing message has not yet been corrected. It should read:
"For the SVN version ...". Also the file INSTALL.cvs should be renamed
to INSTALL.svn. Note that the QE has been ported to svn (relatively)
recently, and there are still some "textual" references to cvs in PWgui,
which should be corrected to svn. Thanks for pointing this out!

Anyway, since you are trying the SVN version of PWgui, do as the message
suggests; execute the "make cvsinit" (note that "cvsinit" is just a
Makefile's target name (will be renamed to svninit)).

Anyway, instead of using the svn version of PWgui, you may also use the
source PWgui-4.3.tar.gz package. Unless you want to do some development,
there is no difference between the two.

Regards, Tone

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