[Pw_forum] LO-TO splitting in dynmat.x

Eyvaz Isaev eyvaz_isaev at yahoo.com
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Dear Wang,

Let me reiterate: LO-TO splitting takes place ONLY at the Gamma point.  Why? 
It is the physics. Please read at least the review paper I mentioned in my 
previous mail.
Or take a good textbook.

>For cubic crystals splitting is equal in all directions.
So, for non-cubic LO-TO splitting  also occurs and the splitting is different 
for different directions. That is 

why one can see a discontinuity near the Gamma point in phonon dispersion 

>When q is zero, there is no longitude and transverse mode. 
Really? How about optical modes? Did you pay attention to "O"?  


Prof. Eyvaz Isaev, 
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Theoretical Physics Department, Moscow State Institute of Steel & Alloys, 

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Dear Sonu Kumar
What you said is reasonable;)

I have two little questions.
Does LO-TO splitting must disappear at the boundary of Brillouin zone?

I can understand the LO-TO splitting near Gamma point.
However, at Gamma point(not  near Gamma point), q=0. When q is zero, there is no 
longitude and transverse mode. Why are there LO-TO splitting at Gamma point?


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Dear All QE users,
>i am sorry again, as i havn't corrected the subject title.
>(2) only cubic crystals has LO and TO braches.
>crystals ( having considerable values of macroscopic dielectric constant [ i 
>epsilon infinity] and born effective charges, as pointed  out by Prof. Eyvaz 
>Isaev) with low symmetry can, also, have LO-TO splitting. But this can be 
> different in different symmetry directions, so one has to search all symmetry 
>directions for this splitting.
>For cubic crystals splitting is equal in all directions.
>with regards,
>Sonu Kumar
>Phd Student
>Physics Department
>Indian Institute of Technology 
>Delhi-110016, India
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Hui Wang
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