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Dear Sonu Kumar
What you said is reasonable;)

I have two little questions.
Does LO-TO splitting must disappear at the boundary of Brillouin zone?

I can understand the LO-TO splitting near Gamma point.
However, at Gamma point(not  near Gamma point), q=0. When q is zero, there
is no longitude and transverse mode. Why are there LO-TO splitting at Gamma


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> Dear All QE users,
> i am sorry again, as i havn't corrected the subject title.
> (2) only cubic crystals has LO and TO braches.
> crystals ( having considerable values of macroscopic dielectric constant [
> i suppose
> epsilon infinity] and born effective charges, as pointed  out by Prof.
> Eyvaz Isaev) with low symmetry can, also, have LO-TO splitting. But this can
> be  different in different symmetry directions, so one has to search all
> symmetry directions for this splitting.
> For cubic crystals splitting is equal in all directions.
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