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W2AGZ w2agz at w2agz.com
Sat Dec 11 07:38:53 CET 2010

Eyvaz, I still get gfortran errors in QE-4.2.1 after "re-making" the changes
you sent last August.  See below:


running pw.x as:  /home/pmpgrant/espresso-4.2.1/bin/pw.x 

  running ph.x as:  /home/pmpgrant/espresso-4.2.1/bin/ph.x 

  running q2r.x as:  /home/pmpgrant/espresso-4.2.1/bin/q2r.x 

  running matdyn.x as:  /home/pmpgrant/espresso-4.2.1/bin/matdyn.x 

  running lambda.x as: /home/pmpgrant/espresso-4.2.1/bin/lambda.x 


  cleaning /home/pmpgrant/tmp...  done

  running the scf calculation with dense k-point grid...  done

  running the scf calculation...  done

  running the el-ph calculation...  done

  running q2r...  done

  running matdyn for frequency calculation...  done

  running matdyn for a2F(omega) calculation...  done

  running lambda.x for lambda calculation...At line 98 of file lambda.f90
(unit = 4, file = 'elph. 0.000000. 0.000000. 0.000000')

Fortran runtime error: Constant string in input format

(5x,'Gaussian Broadening: ',f7.3,' Ry, ngauss=',i4)


Error condition encountered during test: exit status = 2




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