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Dear Ramesh,

>From: ramesh kumar <raamesh123 at rediffmail.com>
> Last month there was a question how to integrate PDOS???

Integrating PDOS you will get  number of electrons for that particular state. Is 
that  what you want? 

> just to clarify my doubt...projwfc.x gives 5 d orbitals for particular  3d 

This sounds unlikely. Check your Pseudo-file.

> will sumpdos.x gives the contribution of that particular 3d  element to the 
>total density of states????

If you specify all states for a given atom then you will obtain what you mean. 

>Exactly what sumpdos.x does??? only summing up or is there something important 
>elementary thing i am >missing????

Exactly summing up of these Partial DOS which you specified. No more, but no 

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