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 Dear Paolo and Stefano,


 That's very helpful Indeed,  Thanks a lot!



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one further reason why the bare+Hartree potential should be used for estimating the value of the potential in the vacuum far from a surface (or from a molecule), even if the simple LDA is used, is that the exchange potential tends to zero as (\rho)^{1\over 3}, while the Hartree+bare potential tends to zero as \rho, hence faster.

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On Oct 31, 2009, at 10:23 , wujianchun wrote:

The question is which one, 1 total potential V_bare+V_H+V_xc,

11 the V_bare+V_H potential or 12 the electric field potential in

plot_num, corresponds the above-mentioned "local potentials"?

definitely not 12; the local potential is 1. The case "11" is useful
to calculate the average potential far from a surface (e.g. for
work function calculation) since the XC potential has often a
nasty behavior when the charge density vanishes

PS: which is the unit of the potentials in the outfiles, eV or Ry?


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