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S. K. S. sks.jnc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 15:55:09 CET 2009

>>>>> Dear Prithwish,

during next week, I will add to the pseudopotential library
(http://www.pwscf.org/pseudo.htm) the Ce pseudopotential we used to
study cerium-oxide. As you know, in general, compounds based on rare
earths may display quite intriguing properties and our pseudo has not
been tested for systems other than cerias. You can refer to me if you
have specific questions, I will be happy to contribute as far as I

Yours sincerely,
                               Stefano     <<<<

Dear all,
Quite a long time ago, the above message was posted regarding
Ce pseudopotential.
Is anyone of you having  an  LDA version of the
Ce pseudo which takes f-electron in account?
Looking forward to your kind reply.
S. K. Saha
Bangalore 560012

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