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I think you can consider this compound as semiconductor.

As far as I know, a semi-metal can be considered as an indirect
semiconductor with a minus bandgap.

2009/4/23 mazouz moulay <mazouz_moulay at yahoo.fr>

>   Dear all,
> I perfomed a calculation on  TlAs, the electronic band shows a
> semi-metallic behavior, and I want to calculate the phonons dispersion, in
> this case, we  use the metallic option in the scf input  or we consider
> this compound as semiconductor in order to have the dynamical properties
> (Born effective  charge and the dielectric tensor)?
> Thanks you in advance.
>  Moulay Mazouz
> Département de Physique
> Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran.
> USTO. Oran. Algérie
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