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> Dear pwscf users,
>   I want to ask a question, when I calculate with
> pw.x, I use the choice of about spin, that is to
> say, nspin=2, so I will specify the
> starting_magnetization. I check the email list, and
> I find that total_magnetization=(number of unpaired
> electrons)/(total numbers of electrons),
> starting_magnetization is the initial value of it.
> For example, when the system contains Pt, O, H
> atoms, I specify starting_magnetization=0.2 for Pt
> atom, starting_magnetization=0.5 for O atom,
> starting_magnetization=1.0 for H atom. Is it correct
> and appropriate about my settings?

Yes, it is. As starting_magnetization is used to break
the symmetry, so,  I suggest you can leave them equal
and around 0.8, but if you like them to be differen,
do it. Of course, you can play around this value in
order be sure that final magnetization is not changed
(i.e. final magnetization should not depend on your
initial choice).


>   Thanks in advance
>   Lihui Ou
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