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Sat Jan 19 12:38:25 CET 2008

Dear pwscf users,
  I want to ask a question, when I calculate with pw.x, I use the choice of about spin, that is to say, nspin=2, so I will specify the starting_magnetization. I check the email list, and I find that total_magnetization=(number of unpaired electrons)/(total numbers of electrons), starting_magnetization is the initial value of it. For example, when the system contains Pt, O, H atoms, I specify starting_magnetization=0.2 for Pt atom, starting_magnetization=0.5 for O atom, starting_magnetization=1.0 for H atom. Is it correct and appropriate about my settings?
  Thanks in advance
  Lihui Ou


Lihui Ou
PH.D Candidate in Electrochemistry                      
College of Chemistry and Molecular Science            
Wuhan University,430072,Hubei Province,China 
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