[Pw_forum] About parallel problem on SGI Altix 3700

Chao apczhang at yahoo.cn
Thu Feb 14 16:39:21 CET 2008

Dear Paulatto
These are the last sentences as runing configure script. It seems that the configure is successful.
ESPRESSO can take advantage of several optimized numerical libraries
(essl, fftw, mkl...).  This configure script attempts to find them,
but may fail if they have been installed in non-standard locations.
If a required library is not found, the local copy will be compiled.

The following libraries have been found:
  BLAS_LIBS=-L/opt/intel/mkl/8.0/lib/64 -lmkl_ipf -lguide -lpthread
Please check if this is what you expect.

If any libraries are missing, you may specify a list of directories
to search and retry, as follows:
  ./configure LIBDIRS="list of directories, separated by spaces"

Parallel environment detected successfully.
Configured for compilation of parallel executables.

For more info, read the ESPRESSO User's Guide (Doc/users-guide.tex).
configure: success

The attached is the configure output.

Best regards
City University of Hong Kong

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