[Pw_forum] About parallel problem on SGI Altix 3700

Lorenzo Paulatto paulatto at sissa.it
Thu Feb 14 09:49:30 CET 2008

On Thu, February 14, 2008 03:46, Chao wrote:
> But my job only ran on one CPU, and some messages were listed:
> MPI: could not run executable (case #3)
> MPI: No details available, no log files found

It looks like you did not compile the parallel version of the code (which
happens when ./configure cannot detect mpi libraries), or you did some
mistake in the mpi configuration (is the binary present on all

Does the configure script shows these lines at the end:
  Parallel environment detected successfully.
  Configured for compilation of parallel executables.

> When I complied PWscf, some errors appeared when make all:
> IPO Error: unresolved : mpi_conversion_fn_null_
>         Referenced in ../Modules/parallel_include.o
>         Referenced in ../Modules/ptoolkit.o
>         Referenced in libiotk.a(iotk_error.o)

You can disable Interprocedural Optimizations (IPO) with the option
-no-ipo. IPO is usually a source of troubles; it didn't worked at all on
some versions of ifort (maybe 9.0).

Please give us more details, like you configure output, compiler and mpi


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