[Pw_forum] kubuntu+gfortran+configure+make all=no executables

mbaris at metu.edu.tr mbaris at metu.edu.tr
Wed Oct 24 15:04:39 CEST 2007

Dear Paul,

some quick checks/reminders:

1) are you sure your fftw and lapack (especially lapack) libs are also 
compiled with the same gcc/glibc? (I often encounter some very weird 
errors linking libraries compiled with different compilers, especially 
between the 10.x series intel and gcc)
2) Have you distcleaned the pwscf distrubution after switching to gcc? 
3) If you are sure your build environment is supported by INTEL (i.e. 
you have a supported glibc/kernel),  Floating point exceptions tend to 
be caused by incorrect linker related environment variables such as 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my experience.
4) Have you tried intel mkl+fftw using the Intel compiler? MKL also has 
a non commercial version that can be installed in userspace (be sure to 
crop non-required libraries to reduce disk usage).

Baris Malcioglu
METU Physics

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