[Pw_forum] kubuntu+gfortran+configure+make all=no executables

Jörg Saßmannshausen sassmannshausen at tugraz.at
Wed Oct 24 14:40:51 CEST 2007

Dear Paul,

I am running Debian (Etch) which is similar to Kubuntu. I have had no problems 
compiling PWscf on both my AMD x2 (64bit) and my Intel dual Xeon (32bit) 
machines. The ifort compiler flags I used were:
 -O2 -unroll -tpp7 -pc64 
for both machines and I don't have any problems with the build stage. Testjobs 
were ok. I used the Intel fortran compiler 9.1.x on both machines and gcc 
4.1.2. I did not see any floating point exeptions during compilation (unless 
I overlooked them).

I think it would help a bit if you tell us what kind of machine you have 
(32bit/64bit, intel, amd) as I cannot see right now where the problem might 

All the best


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> From: "Paul M. Grant" <w2agz at pacbell.net>
> Subject: [Pw_forum] kubuntu+gfortran+configure+make all=no executables
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> Up to yesterday I've run PWscf on several openSUSE distos with consistent
> success.  Over the weekend, I experimented with Kubuntu 7.10.  Intel
> fortran compiler installs gave floating point exceptions (well duplicated
> by others), so switched to gfortran and lapack3 packages.  Configure
> followed by make all seems to go smoothly, but /.espresso./bin contains
> only links to no (visible) executables!
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