[Pw_forum] error

Heather Whitley whitley3 at llnl.gov
Thu Oct 11 23:12:41 CEST 2007

On Oct 11, 2007, at 20:10 , Heather Whitley wrote:

>/ Sure, here is the relevant line from the config.log:
/>/ ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_set=
/>/ ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_value=
it looks to me completely irrelevant...

Yes, it is.  I realized that and sent an updated email, but it bounced and is awaiting 
approval due to size.  It contains the entire config.log file.

>I don't think so: configure should generate a make.sys that explicitly
>defines LD=something, typically the same as the compiler. Unless,
>of course, you are re-using an old make.sys

No, I used the created make.sys.  The line with the LD specification is commented out 
if I don't change it by hand after running configure:

# Linker and linker-specific flags (if any)
# Typically LD coincides with F90 or MPIF90 - not actually used

# LD             = mpif90
LDFLAGS        =


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