[Pw_forum] About ecutwfc and ecutrho again

Huiqun Zhou hqzhou at nju.edu.cn
Fri Dec 21 13:08:20 CET 2007

Thanks, Nicola and Stefano,

Actually, I was thinking the choice should be the lagest or lagest plus 
The pseudopotentials I'm testing are USPP for iron, chromium, oxygen and
others, and one of the materials I'm interested is chromite (FeCr2O4). I 
ecutwfc for iron and chromium is indeed around 35 Ry for convergence, but
over 55 Ry for oxygen. I haven't checked whether I did anything wrong when
creating potential for oxygen, but it's consistent with the results of 
test for chromite, in which ecutwfc should be set to 55 Ry (ecutrho=600) for

Please comment.

Dr. Huiqun Zhou
@Earth Sciences, Nanjing University, China

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> Roughly speaking, the higher ecutwfc among the elements
> considered.
> Are these ultrasoft or norm conserving ? If the latter,
> ecutrho could have been safely kept to 240 Ry.
> If the former, my rule of thumb is that rarely a cutoff
> greater than 30 Ry is needed, unless subtle magnetic/spin
> propertes are sought. Thi sis to say that absolute convergence of
> the energy is not the most useful criterion - often one looks
> at lattice parameter, bulk modulus, or phonon frequencies as
> good indicators of convergence.
> nicola
> Huiqun Zhou wrote:
>> Dear PWscfers,
>> I'm creating and testing pseudopotentials for severval
>> elements myself. I plotted the E-ecutwfc graphs for
>> each element, in which the ecutwfc was ranging from 20
>> to 60 with increament of 5 Ry and ecutrho was set to 600.
>> If take 1 mRy as convergence criterion, I find that the
>> total energy for some elements will be convergent at
>> ecutwfc = 35 Ry while some are around ecutwfc = 55 Ry.
>> If the material I'm interested in is comprised from elements
>> with both lower and higher ecutwfc, what ecutwfc should I
>> set for the material, the higher one, the higher one plus
>> alpha, or a compromise between the lower and higher?
>> Thnaks!
>> Dr. Huiqun Zhou
>> @Earth Sciences, Nanjing University, China
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