[Pw_forum] How to make chdens.x?

Rahmat Gunawan s305igun at mail.chem.itb.ac.id
Sat Nov 4 05:57:31 CET 2006

Dear PW_Forum

I would like to thanks for your attention to solve my problem.

I follow solving problem from Axel and Aaron and I was running my file.pw:

    ibrav=4, celldm(1)=a (in atomic units), celldm(3)=c/a, nat=4, ntyp=1

    C    0.0   0.000000000   0.0
    C    0.0   0.577350270   0.0
    C    0.0   0.000000000   c/(2a)
    C    0.5   0.288675135   c/(2a)

but, my PWgui need chdens.x and My PWgui can't run

In my Espresso/PP have files: chdens.f90 and chdens.o
so Would You like give me some method to make chdens.x?

Oke Thanks very much for PW_Forum

Good luch for Your Research...

Sincerely Yours

Rahmat Gunawan

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