[Pw_forum] I/O problem in phonon and electron-phonon coupling calculations

yanmingma at sohu.com yanmingma at sohu.com
Fri Mar 17 09:49:32 CET 2006

Dear Paolo and Miguel,<p><p>Thanks very much for your replies.<p><p>Definitely, the current I/O will reduce the performance of PWSCF in phonon and electron-phonon coupling.<p>We have to solve the current I/O problem, especially, when we are ready to recieve more and more fast computers.<p><p><p>Regards<p><p>Yanming <p><p><p><p><p><p>-----  Original Message  -----<p>From: Paolo Giannozzi <p>To: pw_forum at pwscf.org <p>Subject: Re: [Pw_forum] I/O problem in phonon and electron-phonon coupling calculations<p>Sent: Fri Mar 17 02:17:18 CST 2006<p><p>> On Thursday 16 March 2006 12:21, yanmingma at sohu.com wrote:<p>> <p>> > [...] in the phonon and electron-phonon coupling calculations, the<p>> > calculation speed was slowed down dramatically due to the writing <p>> > process of the temporary files in the hard disk<p>> > [...] my question is that could we use more memory instead of writing<p>> > process in the hard disk? if so, how can we do this.<p>> <p>> it can be done but it is not straightforward, at least for the phonon <p>> calculation: one has to modify the code. It should be done and it<p>> will be done sooner or later, but in the meantime the only solution<p>> is to use the fastest disk you can. In particular, heavy I/O via the <p>> network to NFS-mounted disks must ABSOLUTELY be avoided.<p>> <p>> Paolo<p>> -- <p>> Paolo Giannozzi             e-mail:  giannozz at nest.sns.it<p>> Scuola Normale Superiore    Phone:   +39/050-509876, Fax:-563513 <p>> Piazza dei Cavalieri 7      I-56126 Pisa, Italy<p>> _______________________________________________<p>> Pw_forum mailing list<p>> Pw_forum at pwscf.org<p>> http://www.democritos.it/mailman/listinfo/pw_forum<p>
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