[Pw_forum] Neutrons, Xrays, and Phonons, Oh, My!

Eric Abel etabel at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 09:42:41 CEST 2006

Hello pwscf users,

I recently made a rather lengthy cry for help on the phonon 
eigendisplacements, which fell, it seems, on deaf ears.  So I want to place 
the question again plain and simple:

Has anyone successfully calculated the Neutron/Xray scattering cross-section 
based on the results of ph.x, matdyn.x, or dynmat.x?  If so I would like to 
pick your brain a little.


P.S. Stefano, Paolo, and friends...PWscf is a great piece of software.  I 
applaud you for bringing ab-initio to the masses!

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