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Hi all, 

I agree that a reference section is important.  I've had a chance to put a 
few papers in on the wiki page including the review on DFPT.  For now, I am 
going with the following format for papers, 

Paper title (hyperlinked to the doi identifier for the paper), Authors names 
(first letter, last name), Full title of journal, volume, page number, 

Most journals now provide a doi or digital object identifier near the title 
and abstract for a paper.  For example, Baroni et al's review on DFPT in 
Reviews of Modern Physics has the DOI: 10.1103/RevModPhys.73.515.  To 
provide a link to that paper all you have to do is put this after the url 


so you get 


The nice thing about this approach is that it should preserve the link even 
if the journal switches websites. 

Best regards, 



Nicola Marzari writes: 

> Yes ! I had put a "Reference papers" section yesterday, and
> somehow, automagically, they are already appearing (Derek ?). 
> Nicola Bonini (bonini at mit.edu) is in charge of opening wiki
> accounts - please email him. 
> As mentioned, I'm still working on some planning and homework for
> all, so there should be a more detailed mail on the wiki and how to 
> contorbute to it in the next few days. 
> 			nicola 
> Konstantin Kudin wrote:
>>  Hi all, 
>>  While were are on the subject I think it is also worthwhile to
>> consider setting up a list of references on the methods included into
>> QE (as opposed just to the applications alone).  
>>  The purpose would be 2-fold. First, to give a precise pointer for the
>> detailed description of a given method. And second, to facilitate
>> proper citations of the QE developers' papers, such as any time a given
>> approach is used for applications, the corresponding work by a QE
>> person is cited. 
>>  Kostya 
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