[Pw_forum] Star_q degeneracy error

ma Yanming yanming_ma at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 19:30:39 CET 2004

Dear Paolo,

The error occurred when I used both the 1.2.0 and the lastest 2.0 versions.
I also tried for different PP. It didn't help.

My case is Si (metal phase) with simple hcp structure (space group is 
P6/mmm) a=4.7599 a.u., c=0.9365.

This "star_q wrong degeneracy " error only occurs for several q points. I 
read the source code about this error. It is related to the crystal 
symmetry. I couldn't figure out what is the reason for this error in my 
case. I attached my run_scripts file in the attachment. Please have a look.


Yanming Ma PhD
Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences,
National Research Councils of Canada.
100 Sussex
K1A 0R6

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>Subject: Re: [Pw_forum] Star_q degeneracy error
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 19:54:31 +0100
>On Wednesday 10 March 2004 19:04, ma Yanming wrote:
> > "Star_q degeneracy error".
>very nice error indeed. Which version of the code are you using?
>If it isn't the last, could you please verify if the error is still there 
>the last version? Otherwise, please post enough input data to
>reproduce the error
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