[Pw_forum] ifc 8.0 and PWSCF 2.0.0 - finally works?

Konstantin Kudin konstantin_kudin at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 8 23:18:19 CET 2004

 I've compiled PWSCF with ifc 8.0 (with a recent
8.0.039_pe042 set of patches), and it seems like the
whole thing is going smoothly and produces executables
that run at the same speed or faster than those
obtained with ifc 7.1 I did a selective set of small
benchmarks to find out the difference between 8.0 and
7.1, and there is either none or the ifc 8.0 code is
somewhat faster.

 So it seems like finally ifc 8.0 is ready for prime
time, and there is no more reason to keep using ifc

 If optimizing for P4 with the flags "-tpp7 -xW", one
also needs to add a library at the linking stage:

LIBS= -lfftw -lsvml



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