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Michele Lazzeri michele.lazzeri at lmcp.jussieu.fr
Mon Feb 23 19:24:25 CET 2004

               Permanent position available, Paris

We are advertising a permanent position for an "ingenieur de recherche"
(the highest position available for a technician at CNRS) to work
with the theoretical group of the Laboratoire de 
Mineralogie-Cristallographie de Paris (LMCP).
One of our main activities is the developement of numerical methods for 
the computation of material properties, based on electronic structure 
via Density Functional Theory. The role of the selected candidate will 
be to organize the developement of a user-friendly scientific software 
for ab-initio prediction of properties of materials. Such software will 
be made available to a large community of users, including non-experts 
in electronic structure theory, and will be distributed
under the "GNU General Public License".
The candidate will assure the links between the users and the 
developers. He will also be encouraged to pursue an original research 
activity in the domain of electronic structure theory.

The candidate will be selected in the coming spring 2004,
to start the activity in autumn 2004.

More details about the required profile can be found at the URL:

Interested candidates should e-mail a curriculum vitae and a
brief letter of motivation as soon as possible to

Matteo Calandra
LMCP - Universite' Pierre et Marie Curie
Case 115, 4 Place Jussieu, F-75252, PARIS cedex 05, FRANCE
Tel: +33-1-44275216, Fax: +33-1-44274541
E-mail:  matteo.calandra at lmcp.jussieu.fr

For any additional information please contact directly one of the 
matteo.calandra at lmcp.jussieu.fr
michele.lazzeri at lmcp.jussieu.fr
francesco.mauri at lmcp.jussieu.fr


         Matteo Calandra

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