[Pw_forum] installation problems with pwscf version >= 2.0 !

sbraccia carlo sbraccia at sissa.it
Thu Apr 22 11:45:23 CEST 2004

Dear Taner,
your version of SGI fortran compiler is able to find a bug that others were 
not !!!

> MODULE neb_routines
> f90-855 f90: ERROR NEB_ROUTINES, file=neb_routines.f90
> line=10, Column=8, The compiler has detected errors in module
> "NEB_ROUTINES". No module information file will be
> created for this module.
>     Do ia=1, nat
>                     /\
> File=neb_routines.f90,Line=207, Column=23, "NAT" has
> been use associated from module "BASIS" and at least
> one more module. It must not be referenced.

The simpler fix is to remove in neb_routines.f90 (SUBROUTINE 
compute_deg_of_freedom) the line :

USE basis,            ONLY :  nat

Let me know if it is sufficient.
I'll fix this bug in a more elegant way in the forthcoming version of PWscf.

carlo sbraccia

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