[Pw_forum] compilation of pwscf with lahey compiler

Kurt Stokbro ks at mic.dtu.dk
Mon May 5 13:33:55 CEST 2003

Hi Paolo,
Thanks for the help. I can now compile the program, but I have problems with linking. 
I have all the blas, lapack and atlas libraries compiled in /usr/lib  and I have also installed fftw-3.0 .
I have tried to fix the problems in make.sys but there are still errors.
I include make.sys and the error log .
Thanks for the help.
By the way, I like your webpage and the logo. Who made this? I looks very professional.
How many users do you have now?

Best Regards

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Hi Kurt

> I have tried to compile pwscf with the lahey compiler [...]
> It seems that there is a build in function called error. How do I avoid the
> confusion between this build in function and the supplied function?

the current version supports the lahey compiler (./configure pc_lahey), 
thanks to help from Marcos Verissimo Alves.You can download the 
current version using anonymous cvs (see attached instruction).  
If you have problems, please let us know


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