[Pw_forum] first two lines in PWscf 1.2.0 input files

Goranka Bilalbegovic goranka.bilalbegovic at zg.hinet.hr
Sun Apr 6 18:10:35 CEST 2003


I remember that someone said that the first two lines in input files for pw1.2.0 (for example, Si and Silicon, in example1/si.scf.in) are the relic from previous versions. Why are they still present, i.e., what will go wrong and where if they are removed ? I have tried this on SGI2000 and did not find any change in the output file for example1, si.sf.in. 

I am not asking this question from pure curiosity. I am trying to find why pw1.2.0, when compiled with NAG f95 on linux, has a runtime error. When I here removed the first two lines in the input file, the error message changes and a new message is that in readin.f90 it does not want to connect iunps=4 in 
open (unit = iunps, file = file_pseudo, status = 'old', form = &
          'formatted', iostat = ios)

The error message when the first two lines are present is that it stopped in namelist &control. Of course, it is possible that this is the same error.  But still the error massage changes, and perhaps it is useful to learn what these two first lines do. 

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