[Pw_forum] installation Error

Goranka Bilalbegovic goranka.bilalbegovic at zg.hinet.hr
Sun Apr 6 17:06:01 CEST 2003

> When using "make gamma", the result is two files:
> "phcg.x" and  "pwg.x"  and no (?!) "gamma.x".
> Is there anything wrong with compilation?
> Mahmoud

No,  "make gamma" produces phcg.x and pwg.x.
If you look at the end of the file "Makefile" in directory Gamma, you will
find the lines:
# targets
include .dependencies

all: pwg.x phcg.x

pwg.x:  $(GAMMA) $(PWOBJS) pwscf.o
 $(LD) -o pwg.x $(FFLAGS) pwscf.o $(GAMMA) $(PWOBJS) $(MODULES) $(LFLAGS)

phcg.x: $(GAMMA) $(PWOBJS) $(CGOBJS)
 $(LD) -o phcg.x $(FFLAGS) $(CGOBJS) $(GAMMA) $(PWOBJS) $(MODULES) $(LFLAGS)
This controls part of the compilation and gives names to Gamma related
It was possible to choose other names.
You should compare this point with similar rules in Makefiles for other
components of PWscf. For example,
the results of "make upf" are: cpmd2upf, oldcp2upf,  vdb2upf  uspp2upf,
fhi2upf, ncpp2upf,  rrkj2upf.
This part of compilation is controlled by upftools/Makefile.

Best regards,

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