[Q-e-developers] Plans to move test-suite to an external repository

Filippo SPIGA filippo.spiga at quantum-espresso.org
Sun Aug 28 19:46:14 CEST 2016

Dear all,

when QE-6.0 will be officially released the "test-suite" will incorporate more codes and more tests. As side effect, the space required on the SVN repository will increase. In order to simplify the repository maintenance and usability, I propose to "offload" the test-suite to an external repository. My personal choice is GitHub because it allows GIT-SVN interoperability [1]. 

>From a "QE user" point of view, hosting the test-suite on GitHub makes easy to contribute to it. QE users can fork the it, commit their own personalized tests and decide to contribute back by doing a pull request. Pull requests can be reviewed before accept them. 

>From a "QE developer" point of view, the test-suite repository will be linked as "svn:external" to the legacy SVN repositor. Everyone authorized to the QE repository can still checkout it using "svn update" (or skip it by adding "--ignore-externals"). "svn commit" commands are allowed only to authorized people who have an account on GitHub.

I have conducted several tests since yesterday and I am impressed how smoothly the intergation works and how transparent is for a SVN user. I am planning to apply these changes in the next couple of days unless someone has a particular concern about this.

Who wants to experiment GIT-SVN interoperability I have a test SVN repository on QE-FORGE in which a GIT repository [2] is linked as external. Just let me know and will give access to play with it.


[1] https://github.com/blog/1178-collaborating-on-github-with-subversion
[2] https://github.com/QEF/q-e_test-suite

Filippo SPIGA ~ Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation ~ http://www.quantum-espresso.org

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