[Q-e-developers] makedeps.sh

Riccardo Di Meo dimeo at democritos.it
Tue Apr 19 12:49:04 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I'm working on a package that requires espresso in order to work 
(namely, the MS2 subsystem) and since some of the files that I need to 
include in espresso while compiling have many dependencies, I was 
wondering about the purpose of some files in the install directory.

In particular, the file makedeps.sh came to my attention and I was 
asking myself if it is supposed to be used by some configure related 
script dynamically (e.g. it takes a part in the installation process 
while the user configures and compiles the espresso package) or if the 
script is there just for the developers convenience (to simplify the 
process of finding out and configure the distribution). Could you please 
tell me which scenario is correct (if any)?

I have also noticed that such script seems to work fine if the espresso 
source tree is at least partially compiled (at least up to the iotk) but 
it seems not to work if I start from a fresh directory/distclean 
configuration. Am I missing a preliminary step, or being it probably a 
developer utility is it supposed to work in that way?

Last thing: using the aforementioned trick (configure/make and then 
makedeps.sh) the scipt seems to work fine, however, at least in my case, 
looks like it's fooled by an #include "something.f90" which I have in my 
code (I know it isn't good practice, however it avoids a circular 
dependency): is there a way to work around this?

Thank you in advance
Riccardo Di Meo


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