[Wannier] How to build tight binding (TB) dispersion relations from seedname_hr.dat file of Wannier-90 output

Soumyadeep soumyadeep at rrcat.gov.in
Fri Mar 8 12:35:05 CET 2019

Dear W90 experts,

    I am a new user of wannier-90 code, apologize for the nature of this 
question that having much previous discussion. My aim is to build TB 
dispersion relations as mention in the following paper's appendix 
section (pg.9),

    Up to my  knowledge it can be build using parameters of 
seedname_hr.dat file. But this file contains num_wanXnum_wan matrix 
elements for each lattice vectors. Once I fixed my nearest neighbours 
how to construct such dispersion relations?

    Structure of this file is,
    R1    R2    R3    n    m   H_real    H_imag

    Is H_imag must be zero in practical cases? If yes how to make them 

thanks in advance and regards

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