[Wannier] problems with Kubo-Greenwood conductivity

Федор Ахметов f.o.akhmetov at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 10:36:38 CET 2019

Dear wannier-community,

I'm new in Wannier90 package using.
Recently, I have used the following tags in wannier90.win file to get the
tensor of conductivity for some testing system:

berry = true
berry_task = kubo
berry_kmesh = 10 10 10
kubo_freq_min = 0
kubo_freq_max = 50

So i had some errors in calculations:
Error: Problem opening input file -nk.win
 Error on node 0: examine the output/error files for details

I couldn't find the answer to my question in the guide, I will be grateful
for your help

Best Regards,

Fedor Akhmetov

Department of Theoretcial Nuclear Physics

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
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