[Wannier] Symmetry-adapted Wannier functions

曹志鹏 cz7989 at 163.com
Fri Feb 22 05:28:26 CET 2019

Dear developers and users,
    I would like to construct symmetry-adapted wannier functions by using wannier90_2.1.0. I only found that Quantum espresso 6.3 has the interface to wannier which can generate 'seedname.dmn'. But when I tried this on Bi2Se3 with soc, the module pw2wannier90 reported 'non-collinear not implemented...'. So the symmetry-adapted wannier functions cannot be constructed by QE when soc is opened, is it right?
    If I correct, is there any other DFT code can meet my requirement?
    Thank you very much!

Best Regards,
Cao Zhipeng
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