[Wannier] Feedback on variable defaults in preparation of the next release

Giovanni Pizzi giovanni.pizzi at epfl.ch
Thu Oct 11 15:56:26 CEST 2018

Dear Wannier90 users,

As we are preparing the last steps before the new major release of Wannier90 (including many new features that you can already check out on the Wannier90 Github page<https://github.com/wannier-developers/wannier90>), we thought that this would be the right time to consider changes in variable defaults in the code, as well as any other back-incompatible change that the community might feel as urgent or essential.

We invite you to provide your feedback on this very short google form (2 questions):


The form will be open until Sunday October 28th, 2018. Note that we do not plan to collect feedback on requests for new features at this stage.

Feel free to forward this email and link to any colleague who might provide useful feedback.
We thank you in advance for you precious feedback.

Best regards,

Giovanni Pizzi, on behalf of the Wannier90 developers
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