[Wannier] Is it possible to have extra states in frozen window?

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Dear Chong Wang,

I’m not sure that I’ve fully understood your question but your first statement is correct: all the states included in the frozen energy window are automatically included in the disentangled subspace. At each k-point there should always be n_k .le. num_wann such states. The remaining (num_wann - n_k) states needed to complete the subspace at each k-point are disentangled from the states outside the frozen window. The wannier functions are then constructed out of the num_wann-dimensional subspace at each k-point. You would expect the Wannier-interpolated bandstructure to give a very good representation of the states in the frozen window.

If  other interpolated bands are present that do not seem to correspond to bands in the original bandstructure, then you have to ask yourself the question of whether you have obtained a good WF representation for your problem, eg, one that accurately reproduces the bandstructure in a particular range of energy.

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Hi everyone,

In my opinion, when a frozen window is set, every states in that window is taken into account in the calculation. However, this does not forbid that some extra states would enter frozen window in disentanglement. Thus, if band structures in frozen window is well reproduced except for some extra bands, it can still be considered a good Wannier interpolation. Is this correct?


Chong Wang
Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua Univeristy
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