[Wannier] Berry Curvature

KAREEKUNNAN Afsal afsal at jaist.ac.jp
Thu Aug 24 07:44:12 CEST 2017

Dear Wannier Users,

I am trying to calculate the Berry curvature of my system which is a semiconductor. So I would like to know the following things.

1) Which is the equation used by Wannier90 to calculate the Berry curvature? Is it equation-6 or equation-32 in reference (PHYSICAL REVIEW B 74, 195118 (2006)).

2) Does Wannier90 calculate the Berry curvature for unoccupied bands which are inside the energy window also? If so, is there any way to calculate the Berry curvature separately for the valence band and the conduction band?.

Thanks in advance. Any suggestions or comments to the question will be highly helpful for me.

Thanks & Regards

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